Remax Watch 9 Bluetooth Calling Smartwatch

৳ 3,199


Remax Watch 9 Bluetooth Calling Smartwatch In Bangladesh

The Remax Watch 9 Bluetooth Calling Smartwatch is available in Bangladesh. Get the original products at the most affordable price at Dropshop.Com.BD and enjoy the quality with the promise of the best customer service in Bangladesh.


  • Phone dial: After connecting the mobile phone to talk, you can call on the watch,
  • Call record: phone call record can be synchronized;
  • Contact: synchronize the contact to the watch through the address book function in the APP:
  • SIRI: After connecting the APP and call audio, wake up the mobile phone voice assistant through the voice assistant function of the watch.
  • Information: This function needs to be connected to the mobile phone APP “Drifts” application to query the third-party program messages of the set message notification.
  • Sleep monitoring: From 1:00 every night to 8:00 the next morning, your sleep time and quality will be recorded, helping you to better adjust your work and rest time and improve sleep quality. On the sleep function interface, swipe up to enter the options to inquire about the options of the sleep function.
  • Step count: You can view the number of steps taken for the day, calorie consumption, and distance traveled. At noon every night, the data of the day will be saved and reset to zero. Swipe up to enter the options, and set your options. 11. Music: Can control the music of the mobile phone.
  • Calculator: Simple calculations are possible. Turn this function on to time it. Perform various local settings of the machine, including brightness settings, screen time, do not disturb mode, sound settings, language switching, mobile phone connection, watch about, shutdown, restart, factory reset, etc.. After connecting to the APP, the weather information of the day provided by RDFIT can be synchronized in
  • Wallet ID card: Supports selecting minutes and custom time countdown. The payment code of the third-party program can be pushed through the APP: The personal business card QR code of the third-party program can be pushed through
  • Female Health: women users can set their own women’s health information through the Pate reminders according to different settings;
  • Motion track: After the motion initiated by the APP is completed, the motion track and data can to the watch.
    Functions such as long-sitting reminders, water drinking reminders, address books, remote photo taking, he missing and screen lighting can be set in the APP.


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